The Gods of Theros

These were the gods of Theros worshipped on the world they came from, this is a rough list, how many of these gods survived the war and transit to Caen is still unknown, and how many have agents on Caen is an even bigger mystery.


Heliod - God of the Sun

Ilune – Goddess of the Moon

Phosphuros – God of the Forge, Fire and Volcanoes (Also known as Hephaestus)

Mogis – God of Slaughter and Minotaurs

Neptune – God of the Sea

Nike – Goddess of Victory

Artemis – Goddess of the Hunt

Plutox – God of the Dead and Swamps

Ephara – Goddess of Politics

Mercury – God Horizons and Travel

Pharika - Goddess of Afflictions and Medicine

Athreos – God of Passage (also known as Charon or Kharon)

Demeter – Goddess of Harvests

Bacchus – God of Revelries and Satyrs

Delphi – Goddess of Oracles

Ares – God of War

Zeus - King of the gods

Hera – Queen of the Gods

Venus - Goddess of Love 

Athena - Goddess of Wisdom and War

Persephone - Goddess of the Spring

The Gods of Theros

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