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Ravaged by a centuries long war, the people of Theros banded together, seeing their only option for survival was to seek out a new world. They watched their world crumble around them, they awoke on a strange new world, a bright burning red sun and three moons. They had come here alone, their gods had not traveled with them, choosing to stay behind while the people escaped to this new world that they would come to call home. A small continent had been transported to this strange new world, but it was enough for the people of Theros to start over. There soldiers were the best, trained from a young age, they would reforge their navy and their army, they would recast the Senate and elect a new Triumvirate to sit at the head of the Senate. The Oracles had spoke of this new world offering new hope to the people, but it had cost the mages their lives bringing these people here. now alone, in a strange world, no Gods, no Mages and a blind Oracle, Porypheus as the only guide. The people of Theros must make their path on the world of Caen.


Allowed Starting Classes:

Fighter (most archetypes will be allowed)









Druid (most aren't welcome in the cities though)

Cleric (no access to domains to start)

War priest (no access to domains to start)



Witch (not welcome in the cities, thought of like druids)

Magus (Theros has a college of war wizardry)


Home Page

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